The Story Begins…

Once upon a time and not so very long ago, in a town very much like any other, there lived a girl. She was a sad girl for the world around her held little appeal any longer, she yearned for the long lost charm of a child’s wonder, when the stars were but a wish away and the darkness held such mystery. But it seemed alas the world had lost its shine, it had been drained of colour, bleak and filled with the tedium of routine until all within it were compliant.

It was then one such evening that she noticed something a little strange. There was a clock in the hallway that she was very certain had not been there that morning.  A big grandfather clock that seemed to lean oddly to the right and quite defied the laws of gravity in doing so. Wondering how such a feat could be managed the girl curiously came a little closer and closer and closer still, for curiosity did rather run in the family and this was a very curious clock indeed. It struck thirteen quite suddenly and the girl drew back in surprise.

“Why you don’t sound very clock like at all!” She exclaimed for she was quite right, the clock sounded very strange. And there were voices.

Quite confused the girl stepped back and then she saw it, a sliver of light where there had been none! The very clock itself seemed to be glowing from inside and the voices, singing and cheering, and clapping were coming from inside. The light was pouring now from out of the keyhole so she leaned forward and peered through. There was little to be seen though for the light was so very bright so she drew back and frowned.

”Where there is a keyhole there must be a key.” She speculated and just as she did there was a tinkle by her feet.

A little key was resting on the tiled floor by her feet and must have fallen out of the keyhole, so she reached down and picked it up. It was quite the prettiest little key she had ever seen and how it glistened in the strange light. She pushed the key into the keyhole and unlocked the little door at the front of the clock. It popped open and the music and laughter grew a little louder. Now she could see it was coming from somewhere behind the red velvet curtain within. Reaching out her hand she brushed it aside and there seemed to be nothing but darkness there but voices at the end of it still, voices beckoning her and such wonderful music brighter than she had heard for a long time!

“Don’t be afraid of the dark, Alice…” She said quite firmly to herself, “It’s just a place for your mind to wander.” And with that she stepped inside…